Rescue Diver

Diving is an exciting and rewarding pastime. However, it doesn’t come without a certain amount of inherent risk. Equip yourself with the knowledge and experience to handle potentially stressful situations. You will learn the theory behind dealing with tired and panicked divers and then put them into practice in-water. This course is hands-on, fun and very rewarding – a must for any regular diver.

The Rescue course is conducted on a Thursday night and a full weekend on the Mornington Peninsula.

For further information on the Rescue Diver course, please download the Rescue Diver Course Information Sheet.

We highly recommend you hold a current Dive Medical (>12 months old) to undertake this course. You are required complete SDI Medical Statement prior to undertaking the Rescue & EFR course. If you answer “YES” to any of the statements on this form, a full Dive Medical is compulsory. Please see SPUMS for a full list of dive medical doctors in your area. Please note, different doctors charge different rates for dive medicals, so it is worth ringing around.

If you are interested in enrolling in a Rescue Diver course, please send an email to INFO@DIVELATROBE.ORG.AU