Specialty Courses

Want to further your diving knowledge? Dive La Trobe is able to offer a range of PADI specialty courses to expand your diving knowledge.

Deep Diver – Dive to 40m with this qualification, opening up a range of dives in the Ships Graveyard, Bass Straight
Enriched Air Nitrox – Great for extending your bottom time and reducing surface intervals. This is particularly handy when travelling and wanting to get as many dives in as possible in a short space of time.
Wreck Diver – Want to be able to explore Shipwrecks both outside and in? This course arms you with the knowledge of how to safely penetrate wrecks and overhead environments.
Dry Suit Diver – Want to stay warm in our chilly winters? The Dry Duit Diver course provides the knowledge on how to safely dive in a drysuit.

For information on any of these courses, please send an email to INFO@DIVELATROBE.ORG.AU