When will the next [enter course name here] be running?
We generally run a number of Open Water courses throughout the year. Further education courses such as Advanced, Rescue, Deep and Wreck are run on a on-demand basis. If you are interested in any course, let us know by emailing info@divelatrobe.org.au.
Where can I get a dive medical?
The best place to look is on the SPUMS website. Dive Medical’s can vary greatly in cost, so we recommend you call around prior to making an appointment.
Will I need a medical?
If you are undertaking your Open Water course, you will need to provide Dive La Trobe with a Dive Medical dated in the last 12 months. If you are undertaking a further education course, a PADI medical statement will be required, with no “Yes” responses to any question. If you do have a “Yes” response, a full Dive Medical will be required.


Do you have pro-rata membership?
Dive La Trobe does not offer pro-rata memberships. Memberships run from the 1st of January through to the 31st of December each year. No matter what point you sign up during the year, your membership will expire on the 31st of December.
What is expected of me as a member of Dive La Trobe?
Dive La Trobe is of course a club, not a business. As such, we promote a fair and equal contribution from all members to help create what our club offers. This is outlined in our Membership Agreement.
Why is a non-Latrobe Community membership cost more?
Dive La Trobe caters primarily for students, as well as the staff and alumni of La Trobe University. Higher fees for non-Latrobe Community members equate to the Student Services and Amenities Fees that student members pay.

If the information you are after cannot be found in this FAQ section, just send us an email and we’ll happily answer your questions.